Personal Stuff

I’m kind of an open book, but you likely didn’t just stumble upon my site.  You probably saw my domain name from my email or you got one of my cards.  That means you probably want to know more about me.  I have nothing to hide, so I’ll just lay it all out there:

My Health

I’ve got a screw loose.  I mean that literally.  I have 14 screws in my neck, and one of them in C7 has come loose.  I’m in a ton of pain all day everyday because of it.  I’ve looked at all kinds of things for relief.  For years, I’ve taken Dilaudid (hydromorphone) as needed for relief, never more than 2-3 days in a row.  I fear getting hooked on opiates, so I drink if I can make it the day without needing the Dilaudid.  I never mix.  I accidentally made that mistake once when I had one, JUST ONE, of my pills at lunch.  Nine hours later, I had a drink and could barely stand.

Because of the pain in my neck, it plays an oversized influence on everything else going on in my life.  I guess that is why I started with it.  I gave up any hope of keeping my security clearance after a year and a half of my pain doctor encouraging me to try cannabis.  This month was the first time I tried it.  I don’t know if it was the strain or if it was me, but I didn’t get anything good out of it.  In fact, it made me hurt more, a lot more.  It also made me completely unproductive.  I didn’t want to do anything except eat.

My neurosurgeon wants me to go for a third cervical fusion to add C4 to my current fusions of C5, C6, C7, T1, and T2.  I’m not looking forward to another surgery, so I’m doing everything I can to delay that, but I guess it is supposed to be inevitable.  Recently, I started seeing chiropractors again.  I saw one after the car accident that started all of this, but my neurosurgeon said that chiropractor probably caused more damage.  I’m liking the new chiropractors (it is a team in this office) even though I’ve had a lot more pain because of my sessions.  They aren’t trying to crack my neck much.  They are putting me into weird contraptions and having me do posture exercises to make me hold my head back farther and correct where my spine should have a different curve.

My Family

Wife and I have been together almost 18 years now.  People have done less time for murder.  I joke.  We have a daughter who is almost 8.  I’m very proud of her.  According to her fall test scores, she reads above an eighth grade level.  She is in the second grade.  She speaks and reads both English and Korean.  She was engineered in a lab in Korea. haha.  It was IVF, but it is more fun to say engineered.  I am raising her to do amazing things.  She is in Krav Maga classes, ice skates, and dances ballet.  It is cool to see her kick above her head and hold her foot up there for a minute.  She will break hearts and skulls one day.

My Work

SharePoint and Office 365 pays the bills.  My infosec love helps with what I do, but I’ve gotten really good at it to the point where it pays better than I’d make doing infosec.  If you need anything with O365, hit me up.  I speak up and down the east coast at SharePoint conferences.